Do you know about different parts of slot machine?

Do you know about different parts of slot machine?

The online slot is one of the most popular game in the era of digital casino. It is a fact, slot game is also trendiest at the time of conventional or land based casino but online slot had gained instant popularity all over the world which is a great achievement. The only thing which controls the entire slot game is slot machine which is consist of numerous parts for its proper mechanism. In this article we will discuss about some vital parts which are being used in slot machine.

Some of the prominent parts which are common in every variant of slot machine are reels, payline, paytable and many more. Every part of slot machine has its own feature and specifications. Reels play an important role in slot game because it is the part on which you will be able to the lucky combination or number. If you are willing to play slot game then you should find an ideal platform like slot deposit pulsa.

The possible minimum quantity off reels is 3 which is necessary and for getting maximum number you can add according to your potential. The most popular slot machines are consist of either 3 or 5 reels because it is the most common quantity in slot game. Below mentioned is some prominent details regarding to different parts of slot machine.


If you had ever played slot game either at online or land based platform then you might be familiar with this part. The horizontal line which is present at the center of slot machine is known as payline. It also play an important role in the entire game because the selection of lucky number is done by this part. After completing its entire spins, the combination which will be align on this payline in machine will be the lucky number.

In the beginning of slot game, the machine was introduced with single payline only but by the passage of time number of payline is increased in slot machine. At present, you are able to see 25 paylines in slot machine. One of the most prominent factor which you should keep in mind is that you can only active one payline at a time.


Paytable refers to the mid part of slot machine which also have importance in online slot machine. This is the part where the entire picked combination is shown. It helps in preventing calculation because the entire amount related details will be shown on paytable and you can easily see the payout rate on every investment you are making. It is fact, there are numerous machines available for slot game and every machine has its own way of presenting paytable.

Coin tray

Coin tray refers to the part of slot machine to which the whole amount of winning comes out in the form of coins. This is the most favorite part of every gambler because majority of people are playing slot game with the sole objective of earning money. Basically, this part is used for collecting the coins which will starts to pour after winning.


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