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From May 8th – June 7th 2014, Soma Contemporary Gallery Waterford will present Bunny Collective: The Young Girl’s Gaze.

with live music by E l l l l
with free wine and free cupcakes!

This exhibition will explore how young women exist online, and how the internet can be harnessed as a mode of self-expression. Through a variety of mediums including installation, video and photography, the work on display will investigate the ways in which new internet platforms have impacted on female identity, and in turn what it means to present yourself on-line as a female. 

Bunny Collective are an all-female art collective originally formed at the Crawford College of Art and Design in September 2013. Since their formation, they have expanded to include a number of UK-based artists and have attracted international interest, including interviews with Dazed and Confused, and Brooklyn-based zine, The Le Sigh. 

Bunny Collective: The Young Girl’s Gaze will feature work from a number of emerging artists based in Cork and London. Their work will engage with themes such as identity construction online and alter egos; consumerism; the body as capital; fragmentation of self; teenage obsession; and how the internet can provide a positive alternative to male-dominated areas of artistic tradition. French collective Tiqqun’s seminal text, Preliminary Materials for a Theory of the Young-Girl will offer an important theoretical framework for how each of the artists will approach these issues.

The Young-Girl’s gaze will be a group curation assisted by Kathryn O’Reagan and Roslin Treacy.

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